The Indianapolis Garden Club Presents

Les Belles Fleurs Celebration

April 22nd 11am-3pm

Woodstock Club
1301 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208

The public is welcomed to join us at the Woodstock Club on Friday April 22nd between 11am-3pm to view our flower show. The Indianapolis Garden Club’s flower show is an opportunity to display standards of horticultural excellence, floral design, conservation, photography and so much more. 1301 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Thursday, April 21st: Entries Accepted 8am-10am; Judging Begins 12pm; Opening Party 6-8pm RSVP Requested by April 12th

Friday, April 22nd:  Show Opens to Public 11am-3pm; Exhibits Removed 3pm

To set standards of artistic and horticultural excellence

The Indianapolis Garden Club Flower show is adjudicated under the standards set forth by The Garden Club of America.

The purpose of a Garden Club of America flower show is three-fold:

  • to set standards of artistic and horticultural excellence,
  • to broaden knowledge of horticulture, flower arrangement, conservation, and other related areas, and
  • to share the beauty of a show with fellow club members and the public.


Flower shows combine artistic vision, horticultural mastery, engineering, and sophisticated craftsmanship to create a brief but brilliant display of beauty in time.

It takes time and effort from many volunteers to organize a flower show. From the chair, to the division committees, the passers to the judges, the tech team to the entrants — each individual contributes to the final experience for visitors.

The GCA Flower Show Committee promotes flower shows throughout The Garden Club of America, provides guidance and encouragement to those planning and presenting GCA flower shows, and reviews each flower show schedule suggesting changes needed to conform to GCA requirements and standards. Special disciplines contributing artistic exhibits in GCA flower shows are encouraged by the Floral Design Committee and the Photography Committee.

The Judging Committee is responsible for training and selecting flower show judges and maintaining and promoting the standards of excellence set by The Garden Club of America for judging flower shows.

Source: The Garden Club of America

Flower Show History

2017 – ”Les Belles Fleurs THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS”

Indianapolis Museum of Art/Chairmen: Amy Cooke and Sue Welch

2015 – “Les Belles Fleurs CIRQUE”

Indianapolis Museum of Art/Chairman: Amy Cooke

2013 – Les Belles Fleurs

Indianapolis Museum of Art/Chairmen: Hilary Salatich and Jan Sweeney

2009 – “Knowledge” Indianapolis Public

Library/Chairmen: Linda Ford and Alice Hillis

2007 – “Echoes of the West”

Chairmen: Wendy Neal and Nancy Duck

2005 – ”The Academy Awards Celebration”

Chairmen: Cathy Lawson and Lynn Stokely